Blurb what?


What is BlurbCo?

What is BlurbCo? BlurbCo is a group of talented individuals that really love creating web sites, computer graphics, corporate logos, and technical documentation. We love it so much, we just had to find a way to do more of it. So, we rounded up all of our ideas, discovered that it was feasible, and stopped turning people down when they asked us for help doing what we do best. BlurbCo was the result.

What’s with the name? Well, that’s simple. Almost anything you can think of can be "blurbed". A vacation, for example could be blurbed like so: "Bask in the warmth of the tropical sun as you frolic with the natives on the island of Bobsyeruncle*". A blurb is a few words or sentences that describe something. A blurb could easily be confused with a "ditty", although we don’t specialize in ditties. At any rate, we’re a company that specializes in the creation, manipulation and showcasing of blurbs. Thus, BlurbCo.

What do we offer? Well, for starters, we can create your company’s web site or spruce up your existing one. In the process, we can redesign your company logo, business card, letterhead and other visual material, host your web site on one of our servers, and even help with technical documentation. We’re more than happy to help you market your company, too! Whether you need help with marketing on the Web through banner ads and URL promotion, or would like our input in designing advertisements for use in newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, t-shirts, coffee mugs…the list goes on—BlurbCo can take care of if all for you. You’ll be very pleased with the results.

If you like the way our site looks, and if you enjoy what you find in our portfolio, then we’d love to be the company that works with you. Whether your company needs a simple logo or an entire face lift, BlurbCo is ready to do it.


* Bobsyeruncle is a fictional island, and does not intentionally bear any resemblance to any known island, or group of individuals. BlurbCo takes no responsibility for any time you spend searching maps for this island’s location.


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