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[TXT]06-rtp_g723-gork_1.0.diff13-Jul-2003 02:04 345 dont warn when g723 packets are sent raw
[TXT]05-say-star-pound-gork_1.0.diff13-Jul-2003 01:54 565 use digits/star and digits/pound as files for */#
[TXT]04-sip-dtmf-info-gork_1.0.diff13-Jul-2003 01:46 954 Support * and # keys on budgetone with DTMF=info
[TXT]03-mgcp_keepalive-gork_1.0.diff13-Jul-2003 00:42 1.3KSupport Keepalive MGCP packets from cisco
[TXT]02-app_festival-gork_1.0.diff12-Jul-2003 23:33 6.5Kmake app_festival like Playback and Background
[TXT]01-translate-gork_3.0.diff16-Jul-2003 15:12 22KPrint codec names instead of numbers everywhere

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