December 01, 2002

We live to fly another day....

Our rig crashed. I guess I expected it to happen some time, but not today. Frank's Canon Powershot G2 was pretty heavily damaged, as was the rig. Hopefully, the camera can be repaired. Repairs on the rig are already underway. We will not give up.

Before it crashed, we got some photos over Medi-Park and the Helium Monument near the Discovery Center using a 7.5 sqft parafoil kite. The wind was too strong for the huge Pilot 50, and the 7.5 parafoil made it into the sky without a lot of problems.

We went to a second location and tried to fly the 50 sqft monster again. The wind felt a lot more steady than it had at medi-park and the kite was flying fine, but with a very strong pull. Shortly after the rig went up and got a little altitude, the swivel cut the loop attached to the bridle and the whole thing went down.

I would like to add a medium sized lifter to our arsenal such as a Flowform 16 for days like today.


Posted by John Laur at December 1, 2002 06:40 PM

Yeah, sure kinda sucks about the camera. Try, try again right?

Posted by: Brad Endsley on December 2, 2002 08:16 AM
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