Plockout - A 3D Falling Block Puzzle Game

Plockout is a clone of the 1989 3D falling block game "Block-Out." Most people and webpages around the Internet remember this game as a DOS or Amiga computer game. Block-Out also enjoyed some success on console systems as recent as the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis; however none seem to touch on the (highly superior) arcade version of the game.

Although the game is emulated in M.A.M.E., I wanted some extra features to feed my Block-Out addiction, so I tried to find a clone with suitable features. None of the clones of this game really lived up to the features I was looking for. Fueled by my longtime desire to learn some OpenGL programming, I decided to start work on Plockout.

The initial goals of Plockout are:

In the future Plockout will probably support:

Plockout will probably never support:

Plockout is written in Perl/SDL/OpenGL. I started writing Plockout on Feb 24, 2004. Although it might appear to be making very rapid progress, it has a long way to go before any kind of release. It probably will not be done for quite a while. Nonetheless, here are some WIP screenshots for you to enjoy:

Currently working on / Next items up TODO:
Face clearing animation
Scoring module (Scoring mostly figured out)

Although it doesn't look like much, this version of plockout is quite a bit different than the previous. It's had some internal overhauling to make it more modular and object-oriented. I also dropped the old font code for the very excellent OGLFT library, which I have written some compatible perl bindings for. The text in this screenshot is rendered directly from a truetype typeface! I also added an FPS counter, and as you can see, perl is no slouch when it comes to 3d. I expect this game to work pretty well even if you are stuck with software rendering. I have played it using GLX over tcp and it's actaully playable! (Needless to say, it runs fine under Linux and probably will under OS X too)

I finally wrote a keyhandler and added some missing blocks. I think the arcade version does not have as many different blocks as some of the computer/console versions of block-out (either that or I just can't get to the higher levels where they start to appear). But anyway, the gameplay is already surpassing my expectations. Control is very snappy, but it remains very easy to accurately place and rotate a piece quickly -- it feels a little easier than on any of the block-out's I have played before including the arcade version! I think this might partly be due to the framerate and animation being a lot smoother than in other clones, so you can better see what is going on... In any case, playing plockout with arcade controls is really, really fun. I'm very excited to get this to a releasable state!

Added most of the missing blocks. Properly animated rotation and translation (Finally!). Added proper block dropping. The game is now playable except that it really is still missing a proper key handler and timer routines..

Not much to really show in the screenshots, except that collision detection is now implemented -- the blocks don't go through the walls and the other blocks anymore. Rotation and translation are also properly implemented as is clearing of faces. You can actually sort of play blockout now!

New font. Make GUI routines a little fancier. Testing the timer code on some planned spinning 2 player attack powerups..

Get text rendering working thanks to a slightly modified Games::OpenGL::Font::2D Screenshot 5

Start to draw something that resembles a GUI using a GL Ortho screen
Screenshot 4

Abstracted things enough to be able to render multiple pits. I learned about OpenGL Viewports!

Screenshot 3

Learned to write OpenGL and started this game. This is about 3 hours of work here, so I'm quite pleased..

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 1