PSPFollow for OS X

PSPFollow is a tiny little OS X terminal application that is designed to continuously scan for the PSP's currently active SSID and join the ad-hoc network of the PSP. The objective is to allow the Xlink Kai engine running on Mac OS X to tunnel games such as Lumines (and many other games which will likely behave similarly).

The current version 0.01 is more of a proof of concept than a tested solution. When the airport card does an active network scan, it hops to each channel, sends a probe request, and waits for responses. The act of scanning continuously like this may result in the airport missing data from the PSP while it is on a different channel. So, in effect, this code may not work at all. We'll just have to see what it takes.

SSIDMGR takes a similar approach to hopping networks under windows, but it's designed to do the tunneling also, while we want to leave that up to Xlink Kai. Still, SSIDMGR may be doing some deeper analysis of the PSP's protocol than we are (we don't do any) that alerts it when to switch SSID's so that it doesn't have to scan (and consequently does not miss the first packet on a new SSID). If this is true, tunneling these types of games via Kai will never be possible without Kai implementing direct layer-1 control over the wireless nic, which is a large project to be sure.

PSPFollow uses the commandline utility 'airport' by ragge to control the airport driver. I found source for this utility at, but since it may dissapear, the source (and a compiled binary) are included in the pspfollow package. The license for the airport commandline utility; however, is different from the pspfollow license, so please take a note of that if you need to reuse some of the code in your own project.

Enjoy! I hope it works!