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March 10, 2004:  John thoght it would be appropriate to include a link to his MAME cabinet page since Kevin is pretty lax about keeping this one up to date :). He's also working on a clone of the 1989 arcade title  Block-Out  geared specially for play on arcade cabinets. There currently is a WIP page with notes and screenshots at his Plockout page.

January 2, 2004:  New gallery up, so you should check it out if you're into that kind of thing.  The "big news" is that Kevin's cabinet is 95% complete, and it was delivered successfully before Christmas where it has been played ever since.  The remaining 5% will be installing the smart power strip when it arrives, mounting an external button to start and stop the machine, cutting a second vent hole so that he doesn't have to keep his front door open, updating some software...and whatever else we can think of.  He has christened his the "Temple of MAME," and has even Photoshopped a lousy temporary marquee, which you can see if you look at the gallery.  More to come!

December 8, 2003:  Long story short.  We're three guys and we're each building our own MAME cabinet.  Kevin is doing it auspiciously for his "children" for "Christmas," but there is no proof that his intentions are not merely self-serving.  John is building his to add to his gallery of other oddities, such as a vending machine with a built-in keg and a "bar monkey," still in production.  Arthur is building his because it's just so damned cool.

We started the ordering of parts and gathering of materials in November.  I'll detail that part later.  For now let me simply say that there are lots of parts from lots of places.

This site will evolve, so for now just kick back and look at the purty pitchers.

Gallery:  Tools o' the Trade

Gallery:  Action!

Gallery:  Evolution of the Wood

Gallery:  First Delivery! (New on 01-04-2004)