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Action:  Oooh.  Action shots of us doing that thing we're doing with the wood and the tools and the flailing...always the flailing.

the_clampets.jpg (1787272 bytes) john1.jpg (619651 bytes) arthur_john1.jpg (702387 bytes) arthur_john2.jpg (600238 bytes)
The Clampets! John Arthur looks crazed Assembly!
arthur_john3.jpg (625460 bytes) kevin1.jpg (604013 bytes) kevin_arthur1.jpg (648237 bytes) kevin2.jpg (605963 bytes)
Inside scoop! Kevin, proud of his shell Kevin and Arthur simulate gameplay Kevin "plays" Tron
john2.jpg (701152 bytes) arthur_drilling1.jpg (984330 bytes) arthur_drilling2.jpg (914549 bytes) arthur_drilling3.jpg (860857 bytes)
Stoic John Arthur drills... ...and drills... ...and keeps pressing on!
john3.jpg (713013 bytes) arthur2.jpg (854151 bytes) john_building.jpg (803686 bytes) john_building2.jpg (752824 bytes)
John backs his cab Arthur's not sure what he's doing John assembles Kevin's control panel.  (This is tricky stuff, folks.) More assembly.  Look at those brackets!
arthur_plowing1.jpg (854243 bytes) arthur_plowing2.jpg (753604 bytes) peking_john.jpg (535010 bytes) arthur_cracks_up.jpg (598622 bytes)
Arthur plows on. Not sure what he's imagining.  Frightened to know. Peking John Arthur cracks up
peking_kevin.jpg (601739 bytes) kevin_arthur_playing.jpg (730388 bytes) arthur_john_assembling1.jpg (719162 bytes) arthur_john_assembling2.jpg (683448 bytes)
Like something from the commode Kevin and Arthur play Arthur and John assembling... ...Arthur's control panel
arthur_staring.jpg (668994 bytes) arthur_trackball_action.jpg (596322 bytes) arthur_playing.jpg (999158 bytes) john_filing1.jpg (762986 bytes)
Arthur stares into the blackness Arthur has some mad trackball action going on! This is what the monitor will be seeing. John does some filing
john_filing2.jpg (685658 bytes) john_testing_layout1.jpg (792772 bytes) john_testing_layout2.jpg (713954 bytes)
He just can't get enough of that sweet filing action! John test the layout of Kevin's control panel... ...and tries to get a feel for how the buttons are positioned.