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Evolution of the Wood:  The wood!  It evolves!  We are powerless against its force!  Frankly, however, we embrace our new wooden overlords.

six_sides.jpg (154082 bytes) six_sides2.jpg (145544 bytes) various_pieces.jpg (68813 bytes) neatly_marked.jpg (162825 bytes)
Six cut and shaped pieces of wood Another angle.  Admire the beauty, craftsmanship and dust. Many of the other cut pieces... ...neatly marked...
more_markings.jpg (92516 bytes) left_for_controls.jpg (155933 bytes) first_assembly1.jpg (105015 bytes) first_assembly2.jpg (116324 bytes)
...for later ease of finding. Extra wood for the control panels The first assembled pieces! Whee!
first_assembly3.jpg (131779 bytes) more_assembly.jpg (96778 bytes) more_assembly2.jpg (91609 bytes) first_standing_cab.jpg (101722 bytes)
I'm... ...obviously... ...excited about it. The first free-standing cabinet is Kevin's!
second_standing_cab.jpg (119597 bytes) third_standing_cab.jpg (125167 bytes) three_standing_cabs.jpg (109872 bytes) three_standing_cabs2.jpg (137662 bytes)
Right up next is Arthur's cabinet. Followed closely by John's.  (This, of course, over the span of about a week.) Much excitement! Three cabs.  Who'd-a thunk it?
three_standing_cabs3.jpg (133243 bytes) keyboard_trays.jpg (126675 bytes) more_assembly3.jpg (126245 bytes) kevin_control1.jpg (169354 bytes)
It's like a regular arcade, except...well...without any playable games. Keyboard trays are installed and "edge banded." Keyboard trays stowed away, mostly.  (The locking mechanism hasn't arrived yet. The first stages of Kevin's control panel.
kevin_control_finished.jpg (134539 bytes) kevin_control_finished2.jpg (146863 bytes) kevin_control_back.jpg (112997 bytes) kevin_control_mounted.jpg (107507 bytes)
Oh...my...god. It's even more impressive to stand in front of and put your hands on. Backside. Kevin's cabinet, complete with shell of control panel and keyboard tray!
kevins_assembled.jpg (118219 bytes) kevin_control_with_layout.jpg (111451 bytes) wg9200a.jpg (154553 bytes)
Aren't they impressive? Kevin's control panel with scaled printouts of the button and controller layout. Next up for Kevin...mounting the Wells-Gardner D9200 27" arcade monitor!