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Tools:  Arrr!  We've got tools, yes we do!  We've got tools, how 'bout you?

shop.jpg (1718521 bytes) drill_press.jpg (1389226 bytes) iron.jpg (759202 bytes) router_table.jpg (1012254 bytes)
One side of the shop, complete with the Table Saw of Waffling Squareness The drill press.  This project would have been impossible without it.  I repeat, impossible. A meager iron, yes, but crucial for applying the edge banding.  A cigarette lighter just won't cut it!  (No, I didn't try.) Ooh!  A router table that has nothing to do with IP addresses!  Although, this one sure sure routed us a big old packet of goodness.  ('Scuse me while I vomit in my mouth.)
saws.jpg (1648726 bytes) compressor.jpg (1624496 bytes) senor_calientador.jpg (1403097 bytes) squirt.jpg (1429524 bytes)
Various saws.  The circular and the jigsaw were in constant use. This big, loud compressor kept our work area clean (sort of), our bodies clean, and let us shoot some nails into some wood.  And it's red. Ah, Seņor Calentador!  Your warmth has been to us as the sun.  We are forever in your debt! "Squirt, squirt, squirt!"  This has nothing to do with the cabinet, but Kevin did manage to squirt Arthur with paint thinner three times before Kevin realized it wasn't water.